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Maroon is an immersive physics laboratory designed to support the flexible integration of different interactive learning experiences. The user can approach one of the stations and teleport themself to a room containing the content, simulation or experiment.

Screenshot of Maroon development

The lab is developed using Unity software at Graz University of Technology. Using video game technology enables the system to provide a high-quality 3D environment across different devices, such as browsers, desktop PCs and VR platforms.

A short documentary (in German, English subtitles available) from ORF explains the basic concepts of Maroon and mentions future visions of the project.


Maroon is an open source project hosted on GitHub. You are welcome to contribute ideas, report issues or create pull requests.

We are also looking for students who are interested in adding functionality, enhancing the virtual reality experiences, or adding new learning experiences (e.g. physics experiments) to Maroon. For more info regarding possible fields for a bachelor or master thesis contact Johanna Pirker. Possible fields are: